Web Design

Website design for your business is paramount in engaging your customers with call to actions such as “call us” or “email us”, the longer the customer spends on your site the more likely they are to make the all important call for more information.

Having a mobile ready, fully responsive website is a must in todays markets, 10 years ago customers were picking up the Yellow Pages and dialing a phone number, it might have been yours it might not, it all depended on whereabouts in the book you were, if your business began with a “A” you had a good chance of being called, if it began with a “Z” not so much.

It is very similar today however all the customer has to do today is Google what they are looking for, for example “Web Design Lincoln” and there at the top of page one of Google are the lists of companies they are going to call and get this, they don’t have to dial a number they just click the “call us” button and they get put through.

This is what Google are looking for, fully responsive mobile ready websites that engage the customer, it is these sites that get the best rankings in the search engine results.

If you are not at the top of Google for the keywords your customers are looking for your competitors are getting all that new business. If you need a new website developing or just your current design ugrading then call us at Lincoln 01522 241142