Mobile Friendly

Mobile phones are changing the way we look at the world, with almost everyone owning a smartphone be it an Apple, Samsung etc the way we search for goods and services online is generally through Googles mobile web browser. Infact online searches using a mobile device has overtaken desktop searches to the tune of 70% to 30% so if your business relies on Google for new business and your website is not mobile friendly you could be in trouble in the not to distant future, May 2016 to be exact.

If you look at the image below you can see which sites are deemed as mobile friendly by Google.

Mobile Friendly Websites
In April 2015 Google released their search engine for mobile friendly websites and over the last year has been gradually rolling out the changes, Google now has 2 search engines 1 for desktop searches and one for mobile searches, depending what type of device you or your customer is using to search gives a different result, if your website is NOT mobile friendly then, as from May 2016 your website will not show up in mobile search results and like I have said previously this amounts to a massive 70% of searches which you will be missing out on, now this is a gradual roll out so please don’t think it will happen overnight, it could take a month or so to take full effect however it will happen and it’s best to be ahead of the game.

To check if your website is mobile ready please go to Googles mobile friendly test if it is not you need to act now so your’e not missing out on new business.

We can design you a mobile friendly website for an initial fee of £120 + £20 per month for hosting your mobile website.

Losing 70% of any potential new business could be the difference between keeping your business or losing it, for an investment of £120 to set up your website and £20 p/m thereafter we feel is great value for money and a fantastic return on investment.

Please when you get to the checkout stage enter your website URL in the special instructions/addtional instructions box, if you have any questions please call us on 07473 983 935