Local Marketing

If you are a local business such as a plumber, electrician or any business that your customers used to pick up the Yellow Pages to search for when they were in need should definatley be looking for local marketing, gone are the days of flicking through a directory of local businesses to search for what you were looking for.

Lincoln SEO

Chances are whe using the above method, unless you knew the name of the business or person you wanted you chose the first couple of listings at the beginning of the section you wanted and strangley enough there were many business that began with the letter A, simply because it is alphabetical, move on 10 years or so.

Search Engine Optimisation

Almost everyone has a smart phone which has Google automatically loaded as the default search engine unless you have a windows phone in which case it will be loaded with Bing.

If you need someone in a hurry you pull out your smartphone and Google what you want in your area for example SEO Lincoln or Plumbers Lincoln, the thing to remember about this is Google have 2 search engines 1 for desktops/laptops and 1 for mobile devices, from about May 2016 onwards if your website is not “mobile friendly” as shown below you will not be shown on a mobile device, Google are making this change gradually so you need to be ahead of the game.

Mobile Friendly SEO

If you think that almost 70% of searches on Google are made from a mobile phone you can see that by not having a mobile ready website will cost you a lot of new business but do not worry we got you covered, all our websites are fully responsive (mobile ready) so you will not miss out on new business. Call us at Lincoln 01522 241142 for further information